Paxful Review: Is Paxful Legit & Safe In 2021?

And you’re assured that Paxful support will mediate in case of any issue. In case of any issue, Paxful mediates and releases the bitcoins to the justified party. There are a few key things to look for when trying to identify a Bitcoin scammer. First, scammers will often try to get you to buy something using Bitcoin that they are selling for significantly more than it is worth. They may also try to get you to invest in a Bitcoin-related scheme that promises high returns but is actually a Ponzi scheme. Fourth, you should consider using a hardware wallet for added security.

You should be aware that while other trades may happen instantly, others might take longer. The transaction period is all dependent on the payment method used, as well as whether the seller of the BTC is online or not. You only need to click on the “New Order” button to place a bid or ask an order to a seller or buyer to open a trade.

  • Out of more than 1100 Paxful reviews in the site, Paxful has an outstanding average rating of over 4 stars.
  • They can contact the seller through the platform and confirm the purchase process only when convinced.
  • Tier 1 – Referrals who sign up on Paxful by following your link.

First thing you need to know is that Paxful is a marketplace, just like eBay. So the shown Bitcoin price is always higher than the current market price and the Paxful seller fees. Otherwise the seller would make a loss selling his BTC.

Paxful Mobile App

The search results display the open orders for buyers to simply select the preferred seller. And if you know what you’re doing, it’s a wonderful place to trade or speculate. Like many other users out there, this is my favorite Bitcoin marketplace. You can ask clients to be paying you in Bitcoin via your Paxful wallet. You can then take advantage of the great rates, quick transactions, low fees, and security that Paxful gives you. Paxful protects Sam by first holding the bitcoins on escrow.

If it’s all set up, type in how much money you want to spend, and your transaction will be put into an escrow until the seller hands over their cryptocurrency. Once they do, release the funds in escrows and buy the coins. Paxful is a peer-to-peer exchange platform established in 2015 by a team of developers whose goal was to simplify access to Bitcoin.

Perhaps submit your case once again or maybe even contact law enforcement to let them know what happened. No matter what website, what system, what user, what country, what ANYTHING, If you cannot afford to lose money, DO NOT SEND IT. While LocalBitcoins has been around longer, Paxful seems to be crushing it when it comes to customer satisfaction. On the other hand, there’s a very easy to use chat box for all relevant support requests. Support representatives either answer immediately or reply later via email.

is paxful legit

Perhaps, in practice, there are no offers for all the possible combinations because the site works in a P2P fashion. As an example, a quick search for offers in Korean Won or Fijian Dollar yielded no results. Further proof that Paxful really is paxful review a legit operation is provided by their recent partnership with Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. While Binance is famous for listing hundreds of cryptocurrencies, they are sorely lacking when it comes to payment methods.

What started out as a modest Bitcoin trading service has become a major force in the development of a universal currency. Founders Ray Youssef and Artur Schaback saw an opportunity to deliver both a commercial service and social good through Bitcoin trading. Almost one-third of the world is still unbanked, but three-quarters have a mobile phones. With a mobile, anyone in the world can connect to Paxful and find trading partners.

Which services does offer?

He claim my card was used which was not true.I requested dispute and there was evidence but the moderator awarded the BTC back to the seller. The moderator should have at least given me a reason but they did not. I had several successful trades With others without any issue.

74% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. If you want to accept Bitcoin on your website, add a Pay With Paxful button. The payment will be processed instantly from the user’s wallet.

Paxful traders can buy and sell cryptocurrency using different payment methods. It is based in the United States and headquartered in the Philadelphia region. Currently, it is one of the longest-standing P2P Bitcoin exchange platforms. Traders can utilize over 300 payment methods for their deals; however, depending on the current active traders, they will vary by location.

In actuality the list of supported currencies is much, much bigger. This Paxful review showing such a positive outlook for crypto in India is huge news. 1.3 billion people live in India and if they continue to buy into crypto there’s no telling the amount of good it could do for the market. If you’re outside of America we recommend Binance as they have the lowest trading fees.

How fast should you sell Bitcoin after getting paid?

So if you’re ready to open an account and purchase Bitcoin today just head over to to get started. That’s a good deal already but here’s what is really cool, if your friend refers someone then you will receive 10% of that person’s trading fees. There are the standard requirements like a valid email address and secure password. We have come to the end of my review about what is all about. You can have a look at it and share your experience in the comments section. Or you can also read about what my recommended alternative has to offer.

is paxful legit

It goes against our guidelines to offer incentives for reviews. We also ensure all reviews are published without moderation. And most of the cheap offers are restricted for me. Even Big Banks don’t have such useless Reviews and account limitations. The worst past is that i might lost in the assert even if released because crypto is volatile and paxful are doing nothing about it.

I have open a dispute for over 6hrs and nothing is yet to be done! Paxful is a peer-to-peer finance platform for trading crypto. Peer-to-peer means that users trade with real people. Here, you can buy, sell, and store many cryptocurrencies. There are many security measures taken by Paxful to make sure it is a safe marketplace for users. Before you pay, make sure to review the seller by looking at their profile picture or verifying their ID.

As prices of digital assets are highly volatile, users could lose all or a substantial portion of the value of any digital asset they purchase. ◻️ Reputation ratings – Buyers and sellers increase their market power through reputation management. Both parties to a transaction are rated at the completion of a sale. The higher a seller’s reputation, the more pricing power they have in the market.

Here, Paxful users share tips, discuss happenings in the Bitcoin community, and get the latest information on all things Paxful. Your previous post might have been removed due to the violation of these rules. As much as possible, want to promote helpful discussions and relevant feedback on the forum.

Paxful Review

After creating an account, Paxful will prompt customers to build a free wallet to streamline the shopping process. Other than trading Bitcoins, you can also make money online with Paxful by joining its affiliate program. In a nutshell, Paxful is a peer-to-peer platform for trading bitcoin similar to LocalBitcoin. With the Paxful affiliate program, you can earn commission on two tiers of referrals. Tier 1 – Referrals who sign up on Paxful by following your link. You will receive 50 percent of the Paxful escrow fee.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Paxful review of 2019. However, base on the things I shared on this Paxful review, I do believe that Paxful is not a scam. And while there are those that openly claims that Paxful is a scam, I haven’t found substantial evidence that supports their claims.

Out of 431 reviews by Paxful users, most of them are satisfied with the platform’s services. If you are looking to buy Bitcoins, you can join Paxful for free. Fees only apply to sellers, who pay equal to 1% of the total transaction amount.

The site only allows the sale of two cryptocurrencies, BTC and USDT, which may be purchased using any supported payment method. Traders’ purchasing and selling limitations on the platform depend on their ID verification levels. Paxful supports more than 350 payment methods, including PayPal, CashApp, Zelle Pay, Western Union, and debit and credit cards. It’s free to purchase cryptocurrencies on Paxful, but there’s a fee to sell.

It is important to note that buyers should not confuse the platform’s and seller’s integrity. Though the Paxful platform requires their clients’ ID for verification and abides by the KYC standards, it is not regulated in any country. Users can securely use the platform since the anti-money laundering, and KYC standards are in place. Choose a preferred payment method from the long list of payment options, including credit card, PayPal, wire transfers, and NetTeller. Paxful users span the world with active traders from Malaysia, UAE, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Zimbabwe. The CEO and founder’s vision was to develop a crypto community accessible to every trader willing to buy and sell Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

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