Copy Trading Platforms: How To Choose The Right One

Also, if you had invested $1000 in each one of the 10 Popular Investors, you would have lost over $700 because of Michaelfx. Cryptocurrency trading bots, while imperfect, can help investors who lack the time needed to monitor market activity around the clock. Generally speaking, the investor signs up with a signals provider, chooses a plan, and pays a monthly or annual subscription fee in return for market insight and risk management. For any investors who aren’t sure what signals are, they are comparable to automated tips on what position to take when investing in cryptocurrencies. As such, investors who opt for the annual plan instead of paying twice per year will save almost 33%. offers one of the best crypto signals Telegram groups at no cost too.

How to choose a trader to copy

Your broker should have a guide on how to link your account. Ideally, you should look for a trader that follows their rules 100%. The best copy trader will also be someone with at least 10 years of trading experience and at least 1000 trades.

Past performance is never an indicator of future results when it comes to investing, but it can potentially be a sign of a trader who has good knowledge of financial markets. In investing, a “stop-loss” is a set minimum value that you’re willing to allow your investments to fall to or by. If the value of your investment hits this level, it will automatically be sold. Most traders state on their profiles that it’s best to copy all trades, not just new ones. However, this may not be the case for you, especially if you don’t want to buy an investment at a new, less favourable rate than that trader initially paid.

Comparison of Best Copy Trading Platforms UK

Copy trading can be profitable when you pick the right trader or guru. A trader with with not much to lose will take unnecessary risks. There is a possibility to follow or copy traders from inexperienced and unprofessional traders. You can lose all your capital even after you take all the necessary precautions. The forex market is big; copy trading allows an investor to scrape a bit of the $6 trillion forex market. When they move a stop-loss limit or a take profit limit, the limits reflect on the investor account.

  • You’ll also have to choose a platform that allows you to choose which trading activities to follow.
  • This compensation should not be seen as an endorsement or recommendation by, nor shall it bias our broker reviews.
  • In order for you to do the same, you need to find traders that fall into the same price category as your intended investments.
  • These traders, of course, have the highest returns, but at the risk of losing a lot more money.
  • Aggressive traders tend to trade with significant volumes, keep multiple trades running, and can hold trades for an extended period.
  • The investor then places the order themselves at a reputable brokerage.

After looking at literally hundreds of CopyFX Traders, this is my #1 choice for a CopyFX Trader to copy as an investor. In the beginning of this blog post, I stated that choosing a CopyFX Trader to follow was more art than a mathematical formula. Instead of focusing on one or two stats and crunching some numbers, I look at how a lot of things work together synergistically. You need to find the sweet spot between drawdown and profit potential. A steady growth curve, with some flat areas and some dips . This reflects what I would expect to see from real trading.

As with any type of trading, there are risks involved with copy trading. You could make a significant profit, or you could make a loss. You’ll probably find that some months are better than others. With copy trading, you’re relying on the experience and knowledge of an established trader. As long as you choose your platform and trader carefully, copy trading can be a safe and profitable way to invest your money.

Best Traders to Copy on eToro FAQs

Place your copy trades today with at least $1,000, which Greeff suggests you should hold for five years or more. The add funds button on the Portfolio page will add funds to those positions, and likewise, the remove funds button will remove them from those positions. Adding and removing funds is easy, and can be done through the Portfolio page via Copy Trading the settings button. The CopyTrader™ is the trading program on eToro, which provides you with the platform for copy trading. In other words, if you want more money to come out of your deal, you have to be willing to take a higher risk. The advantages of copy trading over mirror trading show the small, yet distinct difference between the two.

How to choose a trader to copy

My 2022 review of Zulutrade doesn’t get off to a good start. With a new year, we expect new achievements, but this is not the case with this particular social trading platform. Disappointment is combined with struggle as I navigate my way through the best traders to copy on Zulutrade. Zulutrade has just a 2-star rating from me, as it’s hard to make consistent profits on the platform. This is backed by the lack of traders with over 3 years’ experience in the industry.

Finding the best traders

But this method of spreading money is often a sensible course of action. Beyond this, the platform itself offers various different categories and filters for you to apply so that you can find the right traders to copy. So for example, imagine you had invested $1,000 with the standard stop-loss of 40% and you had lost $300, leaving you with $700. You’ll no longer be able to adjust the stop-loss to 30% as you’ve already reached this level, meaning it would entirely close this copy relationship. This trader’s performance has been rocky over the past year throughout the periods of market volatility and uncertainty, with returns of -29.20% as of July 2022.

How to choose a trader to copy

If you already own an account but your broker does not facilitate copy-trading themselves, check whether there is any network recommended by your broker. Some brokers create a special kind of account as social trading account with specified condition attached. After learning about Social Trading, you decided to utilize copy trading service.

The AI bots in the Trality marketplace can be used by absolute beginners as well as those with years of experience. The marketplace features a range of bots that investors are able to rent, allowing creators to make money. Copy-trading involves financial risk and the profits you make will depend entirely on the traders and strategies that you are copying.

Copy Trading Explained: How to Make Money from Social Trading

Currency trading with leverage implies an important risk for the investor and there is always the possibility of losses. These instruments carry a high risk if they are not managed properly and a profit can quickly become loss as a result of price changes. Due to the risk factor inherent to this type of trade, only funds intended for risk investments should be used. If you do not have extra capital you may be willing to lose, you should not trade in the forex market. It has never been proven that there is any system or portfolio of systems that is completely safe and no one can insure future profits or losses.

The trading positions and strategies used by thousands of successful traders can be copied by any trader. Pepperstone is an FCA-regulated Forex and CFD broker that allows trading on multiple trading platforms. They offer multiple types of copy trading services for clients residing in the UK.

How to choose a trader to copy

Investigate their open trades as well – it should be available in the trader’s profile from your social trading platform provider. Open trades – just like playing around with stop levels – have a huge impact on your available equity. There are no guarantees with semi-automated trading either. That said, some investors prefer to semi-auto trade cryptocurrency so that they are able to make the final decision on where their funds go.

This is in addition to one active smart trade, and unlimited access to the scalper terminal. More than 150 pre-set trading strategies are available at CoinRule. Each is centered on a particular theme such as money management, return maximization, and opening long or short positions.

How to choose your trader to follow via copy trading

Opening trades which are very large in size is likely to expose you a lot to price movements of a single asset and that may be quite risky. Smaller trade sizes tend to be more flexible and spread out risks. You can also see other traders’ comments and their reactions to certain decisions.

How to choose a good trader to copy in a social trading site

Traders must check and compare the average returns in a certain time period and compare them with the indices. The risk the master traders are taking can be acknowledged by the instruments they are dealing with and the volatility in their trading positions. Being a social trading platform the community many times helps each other out by signalling their opinion about investors. The number of copiers a CopyTrader has is quite indicative of how much people trust them, especially if it is a long-term relationship that persisted over time. Do remember however that just because a trader has many copiers they are necessarily a very good trader.

There are the ones that love copy trading and then there are those who dislike it. The issue with negative reviews is that people do not talk about the actual reason for their bad experiences. After all, bad experiences are not a wondrous phenomenon, but rather a brought on occurrence based on the ignorance of social trading beginners.

The reliability of copy trading and the profit/loss depends on the trader you are copying. It is important to check the risk taken by the professional trader in capital markets before copying their trades. It is important to choose traders with high success rates to copy. Clients must ensure that the broker offers convenient copy trading services before they open their accounts with any of the brokers.

However, if you are blindly copying signals, you will not be increasing your own knowledge of the markets and therefore cannot become a better trader yourself. The types of assets an investor chooses is indicative of their trading behavior. Of course diversification is a good tool for spreading risks but they probably cannot be a specialist in every single market available on the platform. Traders specialized in a few markets may indicate that they have the knowledge and the experience trading them which positive results could confirm. You can always filter CopyTraders based on the markets they focus on to help your selection. On the “top markets” tab you get to the trader page, where you can look into traders and markets.

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