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What are Discord bots used for?

When bots use voice commands (such as “Spy!” and “Move Up!”), text versions of the voice commands do not display. Medic bots tend to favor Heavies, Soldiers, Demomen, and Pyros, if being played by a human. If no human player is one of these classes, they are not likely to be pocketed.

Identify your Discord ID the easy way – Android Police

Identify your Discord ID the easy way.

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Regardless of which library you choose, the code will look very similar. We’re going to create a Discord bot that hangs out in our server and listens for webhooks from Ko-fi. Ko-fi is a service that allows you to accept donations to your PayPal account easily. There are some exceptions, however, and you may sometimes need information that is not present in your cache. The Guild Create events for heavily populated guilds only include information about online users. If your bot needs to get information about an offline user, the relevant information may not be present in your cache.

How to Remove the Crown Icon on Discord

There are more than a dozen websites for listing Discord bots and making them available to the public at large, including DiscordBots.org and Discord.Bots.gg. If a user sends $5 and then sends another $5, they won’t get a premium role. Like the above issue, storing payments in a database and issuing the Premium Member role when the discord bot names total payments from a user reach $10 would help here. If the message from Ko-fi does not contain a valid username, however, nothing happens. The donor doesn’t get a role, and we are not aware that we received an orphaned donation. Let’s add a log for logging donations, including donations that can’t be attributed to a guild member.

RCBot2 are their own separate bot, so they can be used alongside the regular TFBots if one so chooses. Whenever a player/bot cloaks/decloaks or disguises/undisguises, the bots will ‘see’ players who are behind them and turn around, even if out of the bot’s field of view. Note that this isn’t due to any sounds made by the player (footsteps, miscellaneous weapon noises, etc.). With the admin role, your user will pass the Check and will be able to create channels using the command. In bot.py, you have a new Command function, called create_channel() which takes an optional channel_name and creates that channel. Create_channel() is also decorated with a Check called has_role().


It allows you to receive tips on your Discord server using cryptocurrency. So if you want to have an additional source of revenue, this bot can help with that. As far as moderation bots go, MEE6 is one of the best.

But how to find the right chatbot name for your company? You can start by giving your chatbot a name that will encourage clients to start the conversation. It will also make them feel more connected with your brand. In my opinion, bots that you have programmed yourself are WAY BETTER. The only thing is, they are hosted on your computer so you have to leave it on all the time. When Discord Bots are offline then it means two things.

Creative bot names

If Ko-fi doesn’t receive or doesn’t properly acknowledge a code 200 response from the webhook listener, it will try to send the webhook again. Keeping track of payments in a database and ignoring webhooks with the same ID as those received previously would help here. Next, we need to have the bot listen for the event, decide which user donated, and assign a role to them.

  • Every company is different and has a different target audience, so make sure your bot matches your brand and what you stand for.
  • A name can build an instant bond – Giving your bot a name is a good practice to personalize customer conversations.
  • First, do a thorough audience research and identify the pain points of your buyers.
  • However, the only difference between the two bots is that YAGPDB brings many new features that were lacking in MEE6.

Once you’ve decided on your bot’s role, you can consider giving it a specific personality. The bots will face in a direction this angle from the player. By default this is set to 180 so that all bots will face the player. Setting this to 0 will face the bots in the same direction as the player.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the 10 best Discord bots that anyone can use on any server. Mr. Singh also has a passion for subjects that excite new-age customers, be it social media engagement, artificial intelligence, machine learning. He takes great pride in his learning-filled journey of adding value to the industry through consistent research, analysis, and sharing of customer-driven ideas.


As you’ve seen already, discord.py is an event-driven system. When one event handler raises an Exception, Discord calls on_error(). Now that you’ve seen a few different ways to handle some common Discord events, you’ll learn how to deal with errors that event handlers may raise. Like before, you handled the on_ready() event by printing the bot user’s name in a formatted string. New, however, is the implementation of the on_member_join() event handler. Once you’ve created your guild, you’d invite other users to populate it.

Integrate with APIs and Tools

Keep in mind that the best bot names are short and memorable. As a result, try to keep your bot’s name as short as possible. Another reason is that bots can perform tasks that humans are incapable of. Humans are required to spend hours each day performing tedious tasks. With a bot, however, all you have to do is set the task and the bot will take care of the rest.

Then, you can add Discord bots by inviting them to your server. A Discord bot invite works the same as a normal server invite, so once you invite the bot to Discord, it will appear in your server. Once you add Discord bots, you can use the bot commands right from your server.

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